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Are You Emotionally Ready to Sell?

Often time’s sellers don’t give much thought about whether they are ready to sell. This can be a mistake. Do not overlook the emotional factors of selling a business. If a seller is overly emotional about selling, then this can have serious ramifications on the...

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Learn the Dynamics and Save the Deal

Many business owners are unfamiliar with the dynamics of selling a company, because they have never done so. There are numerous possible “deal breakers.” Being aware of the following pitfalls and their remedies should help prevent the possibility of an aborted transaction. Neglecting the ...

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What Does An Intermediary Expect From You

If you are considering selling your company, you have no doubt considered using the services of an intermediary. An intermediary’s job is to sell your business. He or she must maximize the selling price, terms and net proceeds, plus handle the details of the sale...

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EBIT ASSOCIATES ADVISED HAWK LABORATORIES, INC. AND ITS SUBSIDIARY BEAUTIFUL FINISHES, INC. ON ITS SALE TO KESTREL CAPITAL GROUP CHICAGO – March 18, 2016 – EBIT Associates, a leading Illinois-registered, lower middle-market investment bank with several accredited association member firms, announced today that it advised Hawk...

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How Does Your Business Compare?

When considering the value of your company, there are basic value drivers. While it is difficult to place a specific value on them, one can take a look and make a “ballpark” judgment on each. How does your company look? Value DriverLowMediumHigh Business TypeLittle DemandSome DemandHigh Demand Business...

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