Selling a Business – Step 5

Marketing the Sale


The professionals at EBIT Associates are pleased to offer complete marketing services for the sale of your business. The marketing service and quality that EBIT Associates provides is unheard of within our market, leading to the sale of over 75% of our client companies at a higher price than the investment banker community.


EBIT Associates will create a unique marketing package for your company. This package includes important information about your company, and will be offered to any potential buyers. EBIT’s unique and complete marketing package includes information about your business such as:


  • Your business’ top assets
  • What makes your business stand out
  • Financial documentation
  • Locations, lease information, and assets
  • Pictures of your locations and products


Again, confidentiality is key. The investment bankers of EBIT Associates understand the importance of not disclosing the specific name and locations of your business. EBIT Associates goes to great lengths to make sure your marketing package will reach potential buyers. We utilize our own in-house database of over 100,000 buyers and growing, internet marketing tactics, direct mail pieces, telemarketing, and newsletters. The blind profile of your business will be posted on several top merger and acquisition sites, as well as being sent out through EBIT’s vast database.


Needless to say, the sale of your business will not go unheard of. All of EBIT’s dedication to a thorough marketing plan will attract buyers, which leads us to the next step in the process in Finding a Buyer.


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Call us at (888) 560-3248 for more information on how EBIT Associates can help sell your business.

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