Kimia Shadrokh


Phone: (847) 566-0500 X255

Kimia began her career as the Director of Commercial Assets for nearly 10 years at a renowned REIT, The Moinian Group, and oversaw an $8 Billion commercial real estate portfolio. While there, she managed hundreds of employees and successfully completed a number of high-publicized deals. She spent the next several years working for Mark Cuban as an Executive Vice President of one of his financial firms called Motionloft. During her tenure there, she developed extremely effective strategies for selling companies and assets in various industries. She also assisted business owners and executives in selling their businesses the right way using a proven process while creating an exit strategy and business value improvement plan to secure their financial future and protect the legacy of their company. Additionally, she assisted company owners in raising capital in various stages of their business growth.

A seasoned professional with extensive sales experience, Kimia is armed with a resolute determination to achieve success in her field. She works tirelessly to successfully find the right deals for her buyers, to market each seller’s company with all tools at her disposal and to negotiate the best possible value for all her clients.

Armed with fortitude, work ethic and personality to persuade by using facts and arguments to win, Kimia brings these extremely valuable talents to EBIT Associates. Her investigative skills and motto of leaving no stone unturned translate to unprecedented results for her clients.

Kimia graduated manga cum laude with a B.A. degree from New York University. She resides in New York City and is an avid runner that takes advantage of Central Park every opportunity she gets.

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