Buy an Existing Business

Business Screening

Whether you are looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity in a new field, or you are seeking to expand your existing business through strategic acquisition, we do the leg work for you. We screen out unsuitable candidates and present you with a list of appealing alternatives to meet your goals. In addition to our extensive in-house research facilities we are also connected globally to a wide range of information sources that will help us pinpoint exactly what you are looking for.

Acquisition Strategy

EBIT works with you to develop a comprehensive acquisition strategy to identify a range of suitable business acquisition targets.


Our job is to provide all the information necessary for you to make an informed purchasing decision. Your confidentiality is respected, and your identity is not disclosed until it is time for the first site visit.

Due Diligence

Working together with you, we guide you through the steps to buy an existing business. We participate in the due diligence process, assist in negotiations with the seller and co-ordinate the documentation of the deal closing.

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Thou Shalt Not Be Greedy!

Sellers deserve a fair price for the years they have spent developing their business. Be prepared to pay for the goodwill of the business.


Thou Shall Have A Good Reason For Buying!

Buying an existing business is hard work! It takes a commitment! Spend time deciding why you want the responsibility of owning a business. 


Thou Shalt Provide Background Information!

Be prepared with a resume and financial statement. Remember, the seller will most likely be your banker and will want to know that you can run the business successfully.

Let EBIT Help You Acquire a Business


Thou Shalt Keep An Open Mind!

There are no perfect businesses.


Thou Shalt Keep In Mind Tax Benefits!

Remember tax benefits are realized from intangible as well as tangible assets.


Thou Shalt Offer A Reasonable Down Payment!

A low down payment indicates a lack of commitment. When sellers question commitment, serious negotiations are in jeopardy.


Thou Shalt Realize Businesses Are Priced On Profits!

A business making huge profits with a few assets could save you money later in capital outlay for expansion.


Thou Shalt Remember Time Is Of The Essence!

After all parties have agreed upon price and terms it is important to quickly proceed toward closing.


Thou Shalt Be Prepared To Meet the Landlord!

Landlords usually have little to gain by cooperation. Therefore, come to meetings armed with resume and financial statement.


Thou Shalt Avoid Surprises!

Disclose pertinent information early and avoid surprises that might destroy your credibility.

Courtesy of BBP