Does Your Company Make the Right First Impression?

Does your company make the right first impression? First impressions are everything. People will make judgments and form ideas about your company based on their first impression. Periodically, every company should evaluate its initial point of communication with customers and clients.


It is critical in today’s digitally interconnected world that customers and clients feel as though they are being heard. You must respond to emails promptly. Whether the email is from a customer requesting more information about a product or service, or if it’s a question or complaint, respond promptly. If your company is not responding, this fact can spread on social media.

Be Professional

Many people’s first impression of your company is likely to be from your website or social media. However, customers still pick up their phones and make calls. It is imperative that callers receive a professional and warm response. The phone call experience is very important. The experience should be low stress and trouble-free.

As a business owner, don’t overlook this variable. If you have a routing system, it should be easy to follow. There should be an option to talk to an operator. This way the caller won’t get lost within a phone maze filled with dead ends. Callers might not remember a positive phone experience, but you can bet that they will remember a stressful one.

When a team member greets a caller, the response should be pleasant. It should include some version of “How may I help you?” Whoever answers the phone should know company basics such as names of personnel and times of operation. They should show professionalism and a willingness to help. Operators should understand that they are on the frontline of maintaining a positive business-customer relationship.


Key management executives should invest the time to experience their company’s first impression. What is it like to call the company and interact with team members? What improvements could be you make?

In this digital era, it is important to remember that there is still no replacement for human interaction. When a caller reaches out to your company for information or assistance, try to opt for the human touch. As a business owner, always remember that the person answering the phones is an essential part of your company’s image.



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