LAKEFOREST, IL – 2023– EBIT Associates, a leading Illinois-registered, lower middle-market investment bank with several accredited association member firms, announced today that it advised POLYURETHANE ENGINEERING TECHNIQUES CO., INC, (“PETCO”) on its sale transaction to Dan Cahalane president of AMERICAN ROLLER COMPANY, LLC, (“ARCO”), for an undisclosed amount.

Headquartered in Lake Forest Illinois, PETCO (www.petcorolls.com) specializes in the polyurethane and rubber roll coverings and fabrications for the graphic arts and coating markets and has supplied custom engineered parts for general industrial markets since 1961 in Lake Forest IL and surrounding market areas.

ARCO, with headquarters in Union Grove Wisconsin and incorporated in Delaware (www.americanroller.com), is an Industrial Rollers and Plasma Coatings company. ARCO, the leader in industrial roll design, covering and coatings represents the only supplier in the industry with in-house cores, covering and coatings capabilities. 

“As business owners that needed help in our exit strategy, we were introduced to EBIT by our CPA firm.  We had an interview with EBIT’s principal, and they agreed to take us on as clients and market our company.  In a short period of time, we found that Todd Cushing, principal, and Paul [Curtiss], Managing Director, knew exactly what they were doing. We knew who we wanted to sell our company to, and they coached us through the process of the exit process.  They were very informative and educated us in areas we were not familiar with, which helped our multiplier at the end of the day.  They helped us make a sound decision with the ARCO, by giving us support and advice where needed, but also allowing us space to communicate on our own with our buyer.  It was a great experience made possible by EBIT. ARCO was the best possible partner with the same morals and business practices to take a 61-year-old family business to the next level, while still caring for our employees and customers.  We could not be happier with our new partner. We would strongly recommend EBIT as your Investment Banker to market your business,” said Russell Smith president of PETCO.

“I am grateful for the EBIT team for their work to bring us together with our new partners.  I especially appreciated how they navigated where they needed to and let us work through so much directly with our partners.  Their alignment of values in the early stages, so we knew we were working with the right people.” Stated President and CEO Dan Cahalane, Buyer.


Paul Curtiss, Managing Director of EBIT Associates, added, “This was an enjoyable transaction and I appreciated getting to know both Russell Smith and Dan Cahalane throughout this process.  It is always enjoyable when philosophies and business focus collide.”


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