Getting Back to Business

You can’t control what has happened with the pandemic, but you can focus on what to do when it is over. Life will slowly begin to return to normal. In this article we will explore what business owners need to do to get back to business.

In his recent article, “How to Hit the Ground Running After the Pandemic,” author Geoffrey James explores what businesses need to do to jumpstart their operations once the pandemic is over. James wants his readers to understand that the pandemic will end and business owners need to be ready. If history is any indicator, the economy will eventually rebound. You can’t control what has happened, but you can focus on what to do when the pandemic is over and life begins to slowly return to normal.  

Almost everything about this economic downturn is unique. For example, the fact that the U.S. has just seen its largest ever economic expansion. The wheels of the economy were spinning along quite quickly before the pandemic hit. This could help restart the economy faster than in past economic downturns. Many experts feel that this particular economic downturn could be short. There is no way to know for sure until this pandemic is over.

Devise A Plan

James feels that businesses need to put together a plan for how they will get up and running as soon as the pandemic is over. He recommends that you divide your plan into four distinct categories: Facilities, Personnel, Manufacturing, and Marketing.

In James’ article he lists three key questions for each category that business owners should be asking themselves. These questions will help business owners devise a plan so that their businesses are ready when this pandemic is over. Here are some of these key questions.

  1. How can we create the most sanitary and disease-free workplace possible?
  2. Which employees will continue to work from home?
  3. When there’s a spike in demand, how will we ramp up?
  4. What will be our “We’re Back!” marketing message?


The pandemic caught us off guard. Moving forward, business owners need to work to develop and implement a plan to minimize the damage caused by this pandemic. Businesses need to plan for the recovery and they need to plan in case of another pandemic.

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