Put Your Strengths First

Put your strengths first to help you sell your business. A surprising number of business owners will fail to emphasize the strengths of their business. In this article we examine five key business strengths to focus on when selling your business.

Understand Your Buyer

Although you know your business, you don’t necessarily know what buyer is best for it in the long run. Most business owners have never sold a business before. You may not know how to best present your business for sale.

In this regard, a business broker is extremely valuable. They are very good at determining which prospective buyers are serious and which ones are not. Additionally, a business broker will use their own databases of buyers and match your business up with prospective buyers that are most likely to be a good fit. A seasoned business broker will put emphasis on your strengths when dealing with a buyer.

Be Sure To Maintain Normal Operations

Selling a business can be very demanding and emphasizes, once again, the value of working with a business broker. A business broker will focus on selling your business, giving you more time to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. You do not want to waste your time on buyers who are not serious. Remember, if your business suffers as a result of the time you spend away from it in the sales process, then the value of your business could suffer.

Determining The Best Price

You can dramatically reduce the interest in your business if you incorrectly price it. Business brokers are experts at pricing businesses. Many business owners have unrealistic valuations. The best price possible will work to maximize the strengths of your business.

Getting Your Business Ready For Sale

Getting your business ready to sell involves every aspect of your business.  It is necessary to have every aspect of your business in order. From paperwork and financials to making your building look presentable. Consider what you would want to see if you were the one buying the business. Do everything possible to build up your strengths.


There could be a range of problems if word gets out that your business is for sale. Employees could begin looking for other jobs. Suppliers and key buyers could begin to look elsewhere. A breach of confidentiality could lead to chaos.

To get your business ready to sell, you need to factor in the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Fix weaknesses whenever possible and build upon your strengths. You only get one chance to sell your business. EBIT can help you avoid costly mistakes.


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