Sell Your Business

Succession planning is a big part of every business owner’s business plan. Whether you are passing down your business to your children, or looking to sell your business to an employee or an outside party, there is a lot of planning that needs to be done.


At EBIT Associates, the years of hard work and dedication you have put into your business should be rewarded with a top dollar sale. EBIT will work with you to find the right buyer, who, under the right circumstances, is ready to make the right deal.


EBIT Associates specializes in selling privately owned mid-sized companies in the $1-500-million-dollar revenue range. Our qualified business brokers and acquisition team focus on helping our clients maximize the value of their business while negotiating the most favorable deal possible.


The process of selling your business is made easy with EBIT. In just seven easy steps, with the help of our qualified assistance, your business can be sold at a maximum price. This proven process is smooth, effective, and easy to follow as EBIT will be there every step of the way. Following EBIT’s tested procedure is the smartest decision you can make when it comes to selling your business.


For more information, call (888)560-3248 to discuss how EBIT Associates can assist you.


To better understand the process of selling your business, click here.

Call us at (888) 560-3248 for more information on how EBIT Associates can help sell your business.

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