Selling a Business – The Process

In order to make an efficient sale of your business, there is a certain procedure to follow. Lucky for you, EBIT Associates will be there every step of the way to ensure a top-dollar sale to buyers you are comfortable with.


Step 1 – Contact Us

Involving EBIT Associates in the sale of your business from the very beginning of the process will ensure that you are getting the right price for your business, attracting all possible bids, and fully understanding the entire procedure. To learn more, click here.


Step 2 – Planning Your Sale

An initial, no-obligation and free of charge meeting will take place between you and an investment banker from EBIT. This meeting will be all about learning the details of your business and becoming comfortable with the selling process. To Learn more, click here.


Step 3 – Business Valuation

EBIT offers extensive and accurate valuation services to calculate the correct price of your business. The right price is unique to each business, and there is no room for uninformed guesses or inaccurate data. To Learn more, click here.


Step 4 – Engagement Agreement

This agreement gives EBIT the rights to represent your business during the sale. Factors such as current market conditions and the financial state of your business will be discussed with potential buyers. To Learn more, click here.


Step 5 – Marketing the Sale

Unlike many other business brokerage firms, EBIT Associates goes above and beyond simply listing the sale of your business on our website. A unique marketing package is assembled with all of the important information necessary for potential buyers to know, and is then distributed through the utilization of a plethora of marketing tactics. Of course, confidentiality is key during this step. To Learn more, click here.


Step 6 – Finding a Buyer

An effective pre-screening process is ran to sort out the most high quality buyers for your business. Several more meetings with the potential buyers will take place between you and an EBIT investment banker. EBIT will assist you in analyzing the pros and cons of each potential buyer. To Learn more, click here.


Step 7 – Due Diligence and Closing

After the presentation of a letter of intent and the confirmation by yourself, a due diligence period will take place. This time allows for the buyer to examine the details of the sale, collect forms, write contracts, etc. At the commencement of this period, yourself, along with the assistance of an EBIT professional will guide you through the final financial and legal sectors of the closing process. To Learn more, click here.




  • This process is not short. The due diligence period alone can take up to 90 days. Please understand this process requires much planning and commitment.
  • The clients of EBIT Associates have COMPLETE CONTROL over the entire selling process. Our associates are simply there to help facilitate the process.
  • The motivation of the seller is what will determine the success and pace of the sale. When selling a business, you really get out what you put in.

Call us at (888) 560-3248 for more information on how EBIT Associates can help sell your business.

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