Selling a Business – Step 2

Planning Your Sale


Similar to the plan you created when starting your business, the sale of your business also requires a plan. During this second step of the process is when a professional investment banker from EBIT Associates will meet with you for an initial meeting. Of course, this meeting is free of charge. At EBIT, we understand the uncertainty and fears involved in selling your business. It is not uncommon that a client changes his or her mind about selling their business during this step. While this decision is entirely acceptable and understandable, it also important to know that the assistance of EBIT Associates will always be available to you.


The initial meeting between one of our representatives and yourself will be all about discussing your business and learning about the selling process. Getting familiar with each other and establishing trust in our expertise is extremely important. Our investment bankers are open to any questions about our process, experience, past transactions, etc. It terms of your business, we will discuss everything from the value drivers, to what really makes your business unique.


It is always a good idea to look at the sale of your business from the point of view of the buyer. It is important to scrutinize the finest details of your business and answer any of the questions that a potential buyer may have. Anything that may impede the sale, such as impact of the taxation proceeds, should also be examined.


In short, this initial meeting is really conducted to simply prepare the business, and the business owners to be ready to sell.


The next step in Selling a Business is Valuation. To learn more about Valuation click here.


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