Selling a Business – Step 6

Finding a Buyer


Once several buyers have been found, EBIT Associates will issue an effective pre-screening process. Our system is efficiently designed to eliminate any potential buyers who are not serious about buying your business, or do not have the financial stability to purchase a business. Our screening process is proven to leave our clients with only legitimate buyers and offers.


At this point, it is time for some more meetings. An investment banker from EBIT Associates will meet with you and each potential buyer to learn more about each other’s specific interests and the sale. Our professionals are open to any questions at this time, and are present in order to ensure a smooth meeting. The selling process can be stressful, and our investment bankers are responsible for making your life during the sale as hassle-free as possible.


After the meetings, the client will have the opportunity to decide which buyers seem like a good fit, and which buyers do not. Our EBIT professionals will help the client to evaluate the pros and cons of each offer.


Once a buyer has been found, the next step is Due Diligence and Closing the Deal.


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