January 18, 2021

Family-Owned Businesses Survey

About a decade ago, Mass Mutual Life Insurance did an ownership transition survey. The results were based on answers and feedback from family-owned businesses. Although this […]
May 6, 2019

Children Take Over The Family Business

Author Josh Patrick, Divestopedia, wrote an article entitled, “Kids Take Over The Business? 8 Things To Consider”. Here are the points he makes about what a […]
February 27, 2018

Family Businesses Are Different

Family businesses are different. Although an estimated 80% to 90% of all businesses are family owned, few are properly planning for when it comes time to […]
January 25, 2018

A Family-Owned Business Story

There are many complicating factors when it comes to selling a family-owned business. Here is a true story about a popular family business built from the […]
November 1, 2017

Ownership Transition

Ownership transition should be a central topic in your planning if you own a business. According to a survey conducted by MassMutual Life Insurance Company, family-owned […]
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