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3M SOUND PRODUCTS DIVISION, St. Paul, Minnesota 1965 to 1967
Started career in outside sales providing music services and sound systems to businesses in the Chicago market area.


3M SOUND PRODUCTS DIVISION, St. Paul, Minnesota 1968 to 1970
Promoted to Sales Manager for the Chicago market area. Responsible for overseeing the office and over ten outside sales reps.


3M SOUND PRODUCTS DIVISION, St. Paul, Minnesota 1971 to 1973
Promoted to Regional Manager. Responsible for overseeing several sales offices and over thirty outside sales representatives.


SOUND OF MUSIC, Mundelein, llinois 1973 to 1998 Started own business as a 3M franchise for 3M Sound Products – offering world class total communications support to major corporations and small businesses nationwide; includes full range of products and services, maximizing audio and video capabilities through leading-edge satellite communications technology; former 3M Sound Products Franchise.


Newsletter 1995: Sound of Music leads the band with major accounts


Served as President, overseeing full P&L, sales, marketing, advertising, customer service, operations, and national accounts.




  • 1986 purchased a competitor in Chicagoland sound business.
  • Under leadership, Sound of Music became the largest 3M Sound Products franchiser out of 85 dealers nationwide (1991), consistently achieving up to 120% of 3M’s sales quotas.
  • Since 1988, company continued to achieve a 12% to 20% increase in annual gross revenue.
  • Personally sold and serviced key accounts, including Sears (1,000 locations), and True Value (2,200).
  • Built new affiliate franchise for Digital Music Express (DMX), a division of TCI Cable; achieved 250+ accounts within two years.
  • Opened a Milwaukee office under the Muzak franchise, tripled the business in two years and sold the company back to Muzak.
  • Started Sound of Music Company and built the company over 25 years with revenues over $5 Million and over $1.1 million in EBITDA. Sold the customer recurring revenue to Muzak for over 8x enterprise value.




  • Public speaking
  • Antique Automobiles
  • Travel
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