Selling a Business – Step 3



EBIT Associates provides independent and objective valuation advisory services, which range from merger and acquisition transactions to asset appraisal and strategic planning.


The company valuation process is made simple with EBIT. After gaining a full understanding of your requirements, all of the information we have gathered through management questionnaires, document request lists, and facility tours will be efficiently put to use. There are several factors EBIT considers when reviewing your company’s data, such as economic factors, industry trends and influences, potential risk factors, and recent relevant transactions. Only after all of this information has been collected, researched, and reviewed with the client, a final valuation report is issued.


EBIT has developed a three-stage process to effectively calculate the value of your business. To check out the thorough steps our professionals will take, check out our “Valuations” page here.


Within this third step of selling your business, it is crucial to the investment bankers at EBIT Associates that our clients feel comfortable. The business, financial data, and documents we discuss and develop are all confidential. The privacy and respect each business owner deserves is our highest priority when determining the value of your business.


The right deal is unique to every business. To find out how EBIT can assist you in reaching that goal, call us at (888) 560-3248.


Once the value of your business has been determined, the next step in Selling Your Business is the Engagement Agreement with EBIT Associates.


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Call us at (888) 560-3248 for more information on how EBIT Associates can help sell your business.

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