Selling a Business – Step 4

Engagement Agreement


After determining the value of your business, the investment bankers of EBIT Associates will be ready to represent your business within the sale. Our professionals will develop an engagement agreement that is unique to every business in order to ensure the highest quality service within the selling process. Our clients are not required to sign our engagement agreement within any deadline. You will be provided with as much time as you and your board require to look over the agreement, discuss personal ideas, etc. Our team is open to any questions and clarifications you may ask for.


In general, all this engagement agreement will do is give EBIT Associates the right to represent your business throughout the sale. Please note that a full financial picture is required for this step of our process.


While the investment bankers of EBIT Associates are representing your business, they will be discussing the current market conditions, the financials and history of your company, and the state of the industry of your business. As with the valuations, confidentiality is a top priority within this step. Our investment bankers will only discuss all of this information with qualified buyers.


Once an Engagement Agreement is completed, the next step is Marketing the Sale of your business.


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